Aug 19, 2008

Obon Yasumi: Kesennuma

In the mid of obon yasumi week, we went to Kesennuma, in northern Miyagi prefecture, about 60km from Furukawa (our house).

Kesennuma is a port city and it is most famous for its shark's fin. I suppose it is the largest sharks fin producer in the country. The road to Kesennuma was like going through a jungle and in between mountains (lucky ada navigator). But the scenery was very interesting and classic because here and there I could see big 2 to 3 storey traditional houses - as if some great samurai had resided there.

Too bad the weather was not so good. It was rainy and a foggy when we stopped at a beach before reaching Kesennuma. The first beach for the kids, Nani had a lot of fun while Shakir was a little bit hesitated. The beach was clean enough to see fish swimming around.
At the other side of the beach I could see people fishing.

Then was the Kesennuma, the first thing we did was to isi our perut yang dah berbunyi. Yes, we had sharkfin for lunch.

After lunch, we visited Rias museum. It was all about sharks. Shakir was so afraid he cried so loud. Papa had to comfort him outside. 

Next was the -20C aqua museum. It was a small museum inside a cold room, exhibiting fish swimming in ice blocks...heheh

The market sold fresh seafood at reasonable prices. We bought some fish and cuttlefish home. Had a cup of Anchor coffee, a local Starbucks-like coffee shop memang best..especially dalam sejuk2 hujan tu.

Heading home, we opted for the road along the coastline this time and it was a good decision. The scenery of the beaches before sunset was beautiful. Finally reached Furukawa at about 8.30pm...

What a long day..

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