Aug 19, 2008

Obon Yasumi: Himawari no Oka

On the third day of the Obon Yasumi,we went to Himawari no Oka (the Sunflower Hills). It is located at Sanbongi, only about 10 minutes drive from our house. There are about 420,000 sunflowers planted at this area, which is opened for public from end of July to end of August. Later the sunflowers are cultivated for the seed to make oil, pastries and other related products.

The sunflowers are taller than a normal person (at least me!). There was also a mini choo-choo train track within the area so you can take a ride through the jungle of sunflowers.

The day was hot so after walking around the area, we had some sunflower ice-cream (yummy!). Then we left for Higashi Naruko for a picnic by the river.
Naruko area is famous for its "onsen" or hotspring but I just prefer Higashi Naruko for its beautiful surrounding and also because I hate the road up to Naruko onsen.

We had rendang ayam, ketupat and mee goreng for picnic before playing at the river. The water is crystal clear you can see small fish swimming around. On the way home, we stopped at a A-ra Michinoku Road side Station. It is like an R&R area located along the prefectural or national road. The vegetables sold by the local farmers were really cheap! Its like 10 big tomatoes for only 120yen! A plate of mini crabs was also very nice.

Anyway, at last it was my son who conquered the day because he has had 3 ice-creams today..


Anonymous said...

Ooo Shaz, singgah sekejap kat blog nko ni. bestnya jalan2 cuti. hm... aku tadak cuti la... dah pi USJ lom? hmm... jauh skit... okay all the best... - Mr J

Shaz said...

Hi Mr J, thanks for coming.Aku lom sampai lagi USJ. Tapi cadangnya masa flight balik nanti nak singgah Osaka..maniau kana..

akarisaka said...


You are good at taking a picuture!
I think it is necessary skill for blogger to taking a picture very well,because the beautiful photos make your blog more interesting and exciting!

Good job!


Shaz said...