May 13, 2009

A taxing week

I have been terribly busy for the past 2 weeks.
Pergi balik Melaka, making calls, business meetings...
Inilah rasanya bila nak set up business..

For all these while, sedar tak sedar I have actually underwent portions of my life with big events (to me laa..)
Zaman kanak2 dulu tu malas nak cerita, starting from 20~24 years of age, my first experience in Japan, went backpacking to several countries in Europe. 25~30, working in a Japanese company -- where I learnt the practical things as an engineer and administrator. 30~ 35 (I guess), masters & phd and setting up a company for my family.

I see all these sebagai satu cabaran yang perlu dihadapi.
I remembered when I was at the lowest point masa buat masters dulu.
I thought to myself that that point will pass..and there will always be a silver lining..
So it did...alhamdulillah.

This business thingy, is really taxing, financial and energy wise.
Sampai dah 4 hari rasa xberapa sihat.

Anyway, I will try my best to finally see that silver lining.