Jun 27, 2009

MJ's gone

A lot of people are talking about the news now, I believe- even my husband yang xdengar muzik tu..

I was shocked when I heard the news on MHI. I remembered the first time I saw MJ on TV was when I was in Grade 2, masa belajar kat SRK Convent Infant Jesus(1) Melaka. Masa tu kalau xsilap xde kelas or cikgu xdatang or something, so kami dibawa ke bilik tv, and tgk MTV ranking. Terpegun tgk MJ singing Beat It and Billy Jean.

Later I bought his album yang ada lagu Man in the Mirror. I would read the lyrics all over again, sing along over and over again..and I think that contributed to my English (yg tak seberapa ni).

Every now and then I would follow his updates, tapi sedih juga rasanya bila his life ended like this.

I guess legendaries end this way most of the time...

Takpelah, life goes on..kita ni pulak macam mana agaknya...

Jun 5, 2009

Here, knowledge is free

What I like the most about working here in UKM, apart from the flexibility, is the availability of knowledge for free.

I can ask publishers to send books to me at no cost as long as they are in line with my field/interest, and attend trainings arranged in-house or outside as I wish (and this happens almost all the time)

I have recently registered for a training on repairing printers. I have one unused printer at home because something went wrong but I don't know how to fix it. When I saw the ad in UKM's website, I thought it would be great if I can do it myself-what's more-its FOC!
A training on e-learning which I attended 2 weeks ago was also very helpful, not only for the class I am going to teach inside UKM, but also for those outside. If I have time, I can develop e-content for online learning-utilizing what I have learnt from the training.

As an educator, we also have the priviledge to request for readings not available in univ's library. Just ask online and they will get it for you.

So everyday, quietly in my room, I would devote myself to the ritual of reading--of course playing around with the internet when I get bored--and I can't tell you how fulfilling it is.

Nevertheless, I still hate deadlines but considering all the other 'blessings', it is absolutely fine for me.

It is not the money. It is when the knowledge is free, I am happy.

Somebody is watching me

There is an awkward feeling about writing this blog.
I feel like somebody is watching me, secretly. Somebody I know.
Blogging means exposing myself to the world, and that is well-understood.
But when it comes to --how come you suddenly know ah?- thing, my curiosity antenna grows longer.

Oh, anyway, as long as it is not detrimental, what a heck. Dozo, bacalah! ;)