Jul 31, 2011

Alumni. What does it mean to you?

Not knowing what to do tonight, I flipped through papers and letters on the coffee table. Suddenly I saw this...

"Oh, a letter from Kyudai!"

Feeling so excited, I opened it harshly..
2 pamphlets on Kyudai News.

They still remember me! 
and they took all the hassle to send me the news (even when they can just send it by email?)
That's why I always say to my students- half of my heart is left there.

Alumni is a crucial platform for ex-students to give back to their school. But just giving back is not enough. The school MUST remember the ex-students as well, otherwise, they will forget their way "home".
It should be a GIVE and TAKE, and WIN-WIN relationship.

Come August, the September. Convocation is approaching and I can't help wondering what UKM Alumni does for its members.. 


vivian andrea said...

Hello Ms.Shaz.

My name is Vivian Andrea Moreno, I from Cali, Colombia, I am an assistant research at the Icesi University, (at Marketing research). I found your Blog few months ago, when I started to search for a Master degree at Japan, and I found that you are alumni of Kyushu University from QBS, and I think I will apply to this master degree... but.. would you share with me your perceptions about QBS.. I'm graduated at International Marketing and Publicity, and I really want to know what is the focus of QBS, I already read the brochure but I would like to know a real experience from the program.

I hope to hear from you soon...

regards from Colombia....

Vivian Andrea

Shaz said...

Hello Vivian, thank you for dropping by. I really enjoyed my time in QBS. The professors have vast industrial experience and Japanese friends are very helpful and come from various fields. The focus of QBS is Management of Technology, and also Asia. We have exchange programs with Business schools in China and Thailand. and also, I just love Fukuoka. I am going to Fukuoka next week to attend my supervisor's last lecture and retirement party. I also still get it touch with my friends of the same and other batches. QBS is a school I would recommend anybody to go.