Jan 30, 2011

What I did on my 35th birthday

2.30 am : Woke up to check FB posts and open birthday presents from my students :)
Thank you Iffah!!
Thank you Shafika & Wanie!!

3.30 am : Solat Hajat sempena birthday
4.30 am : Drafting final QM exam questions while sipping a cup of hot coffee
6.30 am : Solat Subuh + took a nap
8:00 am : Woke up and prepare kids for taekwondo
9:00 am : Breakfast @ mamak and went to the wet market
9:50 am : Played badminton with husband
10:15 am : Fetch the kids from taekwondo
11:00 am : Left for SMAPK Alumni Meeting @ SMAPK
                 Nominated as Vice President 2
2.30pm  : Left SMAPK for home +Zohor
5:00pm  : Watched Spongebob with kids while having kuetiaw goreng yg dimasak oleh Ustaz Wan Akashah.      (Sedap giler!!) + Asar

8:00pm : Maghrib + left for ALPS Electric (M) Sdn Bhd
9:00pm : Left for Melaka
10:15pm : Arrived in Melaka
10:30pm : late dinner + borak2 dengan Mak + online till now

Tomorrow I will be meeting Cikgu Rashid, cikgu kesayangan aku dulu yg dah tak jumpa for about 23 years.  

Kesimpulannya, my 35th birthday was just an ordinary day of which I would run around doing things. Tapi aku bersyukur sebab Allah masih membenarkan aku hidup to read bedtime stories to my children and hug them whenever they need it. I know that I am created for few good causes, if not many. 
And to my husband who is always understanding (although keep forgetting my birthdays hehe, but not this year), I am glad that I have you.
Lastly, this is a song I love to listen during birthdays. From my  favourite star, Koji Tamaki --HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Enjoy :) 

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