Jan 21, 2009

To Japan Again-Putting All Hopes on AirAsia X

Tomorrow my husband will be going to Japan to sit for Ginou Kentei Shiken. It is a national examination to test engineers on the field they specialize in. That means my husband will be returning to Kitahara, in Furukawa where we lived before. I really wanted to join him but the skyrocketing Japanese yen value has made me keep that to myself.

Perhap it is too early for me to return to Japan.

Last week, I read on the newspaper that AirAsia X is flying to Japan by end of this year after the relaxation of visa requirement to enter Japan for Malaysians. To 3 places-Hokkaido, Osaka and Fukuoka. Actually AirAsia X has been eyeing to penetrate Japan market since 2 years ago, when I was still in Japan.

Since their main target was to bring Malaysians to Japan and not really vice versa, the strict visa requirement has made the plan postponed.

Now that Tokyo has relaxed the requirement, thanks to the strong negotiation by AirAsia X, I really hope they can start flying soon, because I will be the person taking the first flight to Fukuoka!

To my husband, good luck on bringing the durians to its fans in Furukawa and of course...the exam!

Jan 3, 2009

Sayonara Nishimura-san

23rd of Dec, 2008 was the day Nishimura-san, my ex-boss had to leave Malaysia and return to Japan for good.

I felt sad because he has been very nice to me, motivated me and even wrote a recommendation letter for me when I wanted to pursue my master's degree in Japan-which means I had to quit the job.

Having lived in Malaysia for about 8 years, he told me KL is his second home, and will come back to retire in Malaysia if condition permits.

Hopefully we will see you again, Nishimura-san. Remember us everytime you see the Royal Selangor vase.

And thank you very much for your kindness and guidance all these while.