Apr 8, 2009

I am now "officially" at work

Today marks my 1st week being a UKM staff.
Owning an individual room, more flexible working hours are 2 new experiences for me...or should I say the first 2 culture shocks in my history of employment..lol.
Since I entered in the middle of the semester, I won't be teaching any subject.
What I have to do is get prepared for my PhD; complete the basic requirements -SLAB course & BTN and get a place + scholarship to study.

Luckily my ex-classmate in Sharodz is here so I'm always accompanied during lunch time. Oh, there are another 2 who reported on the same day, so we keep one another informed of what to do and what not.

I am going to miss doing trainings..had to decline 2 offers this month-just hoping that I won't regret it.