Feb 7, 2013

Fancy a trip to Japan? Halal for Muslims, Fun for Everyone :D

Ok guys, you may have read my previous postings about Japan.
Having lived in this beautiful country for a span of nearly 7 years, there is always an urge for me to come "home" at least once a year.
Last year alone, I "returned home" 3 times and the last one, I brought 30 people to Osaka-Kyoto-Kobe to enjoy breathtaking autumn there. They were students, teachers and parents of an Islamic school in Melaka (my alma mater. hehe)

The response was awesome. They loved the trip. They made new friends. They enjoyed the visits to school, university, factory, mosques, castle, museums, park, shopping malls etc. Most importantly, they can pay their daily obligations (solat) and consume halal foods while enjoying their trip.

That has motivated me to organize more trips this year. I wanted more Malaysians to see with their own eyes the secrets of Japan while not having to worry about their needs as a Muslim.

Initially I planned a trip to Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto in November (again) but then I remembered how enjoyable it was to be part of the Hakata Dontaku Parade in Fukuoka, Kyushu early May each year. Yes, you don't just watch the parade, you participate in it!

One of the many teams in the parade

2 million people from all over the country come to Fukuoka to witness the Hakata Dontaku Festival

Malaysia team, supported by Tourism Malaysia
Our Japanese friends also joined us in the parade. It was fun!

After the parade, there is a sale!

My students with participating samurais

These dancers were brought in by Tourism Malaysia to perform during the 3 days festival. They danced in front of us

With the beautiful ladies of Hakata :)

More pics here >>

Oh there are so much to tell. So, this year I am thinking of participating in Hakata Dontaku Parade again and would like to invite you guys to join me too! Not only Dontaku, we will also visit other places in Kyushu, like Nagasaki (the Atomic bomb museum), Huis Ten Bosch (beautiful tulips!) and Kumamoto (the Japanese Castle)

Nagasaki Peace Memorial (Atomic Bomb Museum)

Huis Ten Bosch

Lovely tulips and flowers at Huis Ten Bosch

Kumamoto Castle

The dates are 2-7 May, 2013
Flight is by Thai Air
The full package* is arranged and catered for Muslims also.

*Full package includes
Flight tickets
Domestic transportation (Kyushu rail pass)
Accommodation (based on twin sharing)
Halal breakfast and lunch
Translator and guide
Visa application arrangement

If you are interested in joining me and friends or just want to ask for further details, please email me at shazlinda76@gmail.com, or drop your message here.

Jom jalan!